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cooperating company's factory to repair the lithium battery

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In early September, we made an appointment to come to the cooperative factory to handle the lithium battery replacement project. We replaced the batteries and plugs used by the manufacturer with our company's products to achieve better power.

Push the steering wheel tilt lever all the way forward to prevent the forklift from sliding during battery replacement; After clearing all debris from the forklift driver's seat and rear cover, open the forklift battery cover. Unplug the power connector between the battery and the forklift and completely disconnect the power source;

For battery models with a battery compartment cover, the compartment cover must be opened to expose the battery cable;

For battery models with battery case retaining screws, remove the screws to make the battery case removable.

Hook the hooks into the hanging holes at both ends of the battery (you may need two hanging ropes depending on the weight of the battery), lift the battery and place it on a flat surface; Lift the new battery with a hook, then place it smoothly into the forklift battery box, install the battery box fixing screws, or fill the gap with fixtures, and then check again whether the battery is installed correctly. Plug in the power connector, close the battery box cover and forklift battery cover, and start the forklift normally.

The on-site photos of our SpiderWay battery installed on a Toyota 1.5-ton forklift abroad and the position of the charging hole has been adjusted to facilitate customer charging. We have also replaced our own instrument for customers.

The companies we cooperate with include Korean companies Letten and KPP, and we also have regular cooperation with companies in Europe and North America.




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