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XCMG Stand-up /car type electric tractor

Car-type electric tractor and Stand-up  electric tractor
  • XCT-P20/30 XCT-PS20/30

  • XCMG

  • 00005

Three-point structure is adopted, with small turning radius, good passability, no noise and no pollution.

H-shape drive axle layout, low-cost disposal of batteries, and high stability of vehicle operation.

The on-board multi-kinetic display instrument can display power, fault codes, and the cumulative working time of the vehicle.

The standard model is driven by a DC motor and controlled by Curtis; customers can choose an AC motor drive system.

Users can choose awning, rocker arm uncoupling device, battery side pull type, rearview mirror, strobe light, blue light of AC motor drive system, height of traction seat, etc. according to needs.

CANBUS technology greatly simplifies electrical circuits and greatly reduces the failure rate of electrical components.



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