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XCMG Manual Pallet Truck

Manual Pallet Truck
Fork lowering height:
Maximum height of cargo fork:
Total width of fork:
  • WM20

  • XCMG

  • 00000

Manual pallet trucks are specially designed for transporting goods in various supermarkets, warehouses, etc. The material is made of reinforced steel, which is durable and exquisite in appearance.

The fork adopts the overall stamping and forming process, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is anti-wear, and there are various options for width and length. The moving parts are assembled.

Gold bushing can absorb partial load, wear-resistant, prolong service life and easy to replace.

The oil pump is integrally cast, and the key parts are imported from Germany to eradicate the disadvantages of oil leakage. The large and small piston rods are chrome-plated, the structure is firm, and the internal overflow valve

With overload protection, effectively avoid overload use. The descending speed control, the spool adopts integral parts, which is different from scattered parts, which is convenient for maintenance, so that the car.It is more suitable for market demand.

The types of steering wheels are: nylon wheels, PU wheels. They have their own advantages, nylon wheels have low rotational resistance, stable chemical properties, no indentation, PU wheels absorb impact, shock absorption,
Anti-wear, no indentation, quiet, etc., available for users to choose according to different condition.



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