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XCMG Large tonnage electric counterbalanced forklift

Handling counterbalanced forklift
  • XCB-PW45/50

  • XCMG

  • 0009

1. Optimized vehicle design

The appearance of the whole vehicle is beautiful and generous, and the transmission system adopts double-drive drive axles with a large transmission ratio. The battery sinks at the bottom of the frame, and the whole vehicle has good stability.

2. Vehicle AC full AC maintenance-free

The motor adopts AC motor, which is maintenance-free and powerful. With speed sensor and temperature sensor, the protection function is complete, and the reliability and life are greatly improved.

3. Low noise and low vibration design

The hydraulic system adopts a low-noise gear pump and fully hydraulic load-sensing steering. Low noise, comfortable operation and low energy consumption.

4. Comfortable and easy to control

The driver's operating space is comfortable and labor-saving. Equipped with luxurious injection molding handles, stationery folders, etc. on the car, providing more

Easy to enjoy. The multi-way valve adopts a load-sensitive design, which can realize the change and matching of the flow rate and the stroke of the valve stem, and greatly improve the control performance

5. Safe and reliable

The lifting system adopts a 28kw high-power motor, which has high working efficiency. The drive system adopts dual-drive 2×15kw drive motors, with high drive efficiency and excellent turning

The radius is small. Equipped with an angle sensor as standard, it can observe the angle of the steering wheel at all times, and has the function of automatically decelerating when turning. The whole car lighting adopts LED, standard configuration

Warning Light. Allows you to operate freely at night. The vehicle has a low center of gravity and good stability due to the tailless structure design.

6. Repairability

The hood is designed to be opened at a large angle, and the maintenance of the battery, motor, hydraulic pipeline, electric control and other components is very convenient and fast. controller and electricity

The components of the device are centrally arranged inside the counterweight cabin, and the cover can be easily opened for inspection and maintenance. The hydraulic components are centrally arranged in the first cabin,

Open floor for maintenance. The braking system adopts wet braking, which has high braking efficiency and is maintenance-free.

7. Quick battery replacement

The side pull design of the battery can conveniently fork out the battery from the side. Quickly perform battery changes.



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